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9 thoughts on “ Seh Dem Bad - Elephant Man - Seh Dem Bad (Vinyl)

  1. "Well right now, me deh a Jamaica and mi hear people seh Elephant Man have AIDS. Mi a seh more time dat fi just show yu how bad mind tek over people wicked. Dat a when people see yu and no like yu. People just get up and wicked enough to come seh tings like those when dem know nutten like dat ever exist." "Because first of all when yu know, jut.
  2. – Elephant Man: Wave U Flag: 11 – Elephant Man: Dancehall Soca: 12 – Elephant Man: Rubba Bounce: 13 – Elephant Man: Badmind Anthem: 14 – Elephant Man: Funny Man: 15 – Elephant Man: Gal Bruk: 16 – Elephant Man: All Out: 17 – Elephant Man: Sweep: 18 – Elephant Man: Nuh Linga: 19 – Elephant Man: Pon The River, Pon The Bank:
  3. [Verse 1:] Me Big up all the gully side massive And crew Genius and the big ship from and to All my well rich as And ma fans Every baddi wave unu hand But any way [Chorus:] Weh mi seh unu fi seh Ah Gaza mi seh Weh mi seh unu fi seh Ah Gaza mi seh Weh mi seh unu fi seh Ah Gaza mi seh O! -OOOOO! Ah deh soh the thing deh [Verse 2:] One thing with the gangsta pan the Gaza Will bill the papa And.
  4. Mek Docta Affi A Gi Dem Electric Shock Mek Gyal Drop Dead Flat Pon Dem Bak True Wi Selec Dem Put Dem Pon Cock Seh It Too Hot So She Get Up An Pak Gyal Fling It Up Mek Mi See It, Mek Mi See It, Mek Mi See It, Mek Mi See It Fling It Up Pon Street Show Dem How Yuh Tek Fuck Pon Sheet Rub Out Yuh 2 Knee Dem Ina Di Streeet.
  5. Elephant Man - Seh Dem Bad - Vinyl 7 - JM - Original günstig online kaufen bei HHV - Versandkostenfrei bestellen ab 80€!Brand: Diva's.
  6. Seh+dem+bad+popcaan lyrics. Browse for Seh+dem+bad+popcaan song lyrics by entered search phrase. Choose one of the browsed Seh+dem+bad+popcaan lyrics, get the lyrics and watch the video. There are 60 lyrics related to Seh+dem+bad+popcaan. Related artists: Popcaan, Bad acid trip, Bad angels, Bad lizard, Bad meets evil, Bad omens, Bad religion, Bad satisfaction.
  7. Yes it ago hurt dem. Verse4: Mi hear a gal seh Vegas, Fava King stitch dem, Weh him a do wid a big cut inna him jaw bone friend, Him seh a cane man chop him true him a tief di bump dem, De truth ago hurt dem, Yes it ago hurt dem, Mi hear seh Hawkeye caan see outa one a him eye dem an a mi seh so, Mi hear it from one a him fans dem.
  8. Mi seh mi seh mi seh mi nah lie Anytime Missy, Ding a dweet Dem remind mi a when Bogle him deh yah street I buss new dance and I give yuh pre-release And a sweep and a sweep and a sweep and a sweep First class girls dem a seh a design fi dweet Hot mondays mi see seh dem dance till dem weak Shelly Belly, Blase, Total Squad and di clique Dem a.
  9. Vietnum mi live mi par wid Kirk dem an' Fatta Badda dan di replacement Killer Capleton Seh mi fi gwaan bun di fire Claim seh dem bad but Elephant Man Badda Claim seh dem mad but Elephant Man Madda Madda Ha Yuh knoe yuh doan waan star a beef wid me Yuh know yuh doan wanna star a war wid we And di ice dem pon mi hand a freeze up ol city.

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