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9 thoughts on “ Giselle

  1. The villagers return and proclaim Giselle the queen of the Wine Festival. Hilarion interrupts to denounce Loys as an impostor. When Loys denies the charges and threatens the gamekeeper with his sword, Hilarion blows the hunting horn, a signal for the prince to return. Loys is exposed as an impostor when Bathilde reveals that he is her fiancé.
  2. Giselle -- composed in -- was the first great ballet, and it is a marvel of charm and beauty. Later ballets by Delibes and Tchaikovsky are perhaps more sophisticated than Giselle, but they do not surpass it in beauty and appeal/5(14).
  3. Giselle, ballet by French composer Adolphe Adam, first performed in Paris on June 28, Other than the Christmas carol Minuit, Chrétiens (known in English as O Holy Night), Giselle .
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  5. Giselle as a girls' name is pronounced je-ZELL. It is of French and Old German origin, and the meaning of Giselle is "pledge, hostage". From gisil, and a form of Ghislane. In medieval Europe, it was a common practice for children to be brought up in a foreign court as a pledge, and this may have been the source of use of the name.
  6. Giselle Philip is a young woman originally from the animated world of Andalasia. She now lives in the live-action world, in New York City, with Robert Philip and Morgan Philip. She was originally engaged to Prince Edward, stepson of Andalasia’s Queen Narissa, but upon arriving in .
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  8. Giselle, The Story Act 1 A medieval Rhineland village where villagers assemble to dance and celebrate the wine harvest. Hilarion, a besotted gamekeeper, hopes to catch a glimpse of the beautiful Giselle.
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